Macro System

➤  UnderworldPT have it own built-in Macro System which can help players to enjoy the game without spending hours on their computers.
➤  Macro System will work for both Melee & AOE classes.
➤  Macro System won't lock mouse, players can working & playing or doing multitask.
➤  Macro System also help players to use their potions automatically. Macro System will automatically detect potions which are inside inventory without putting potions in Action Bar.

➤  To Access Macro System, players can click on the icon (the picture below) on MiniMap or Players can press O to open.

How To Use Macro?

1. Players can adjust their % of (HP, MP, STM) to pot.

2. Players can set the loop to use skill (in seconds). Putting 0 to use the skill continuously.

3. "Find Near Monster" will automatically find & attack monster near character. Uncheck this option if you want your character stay one spot (such as Piestess, Magics or Rangers).

** Macro NOT working if in-game windows OPEN. After click Start, you should close the macro window (or press O) to let it work.

Any Other Updates for Macro System will be updated in this Topic.